Website Design

Simply getting online isn’t what it used to be

It used to be building and launching a new website was a complete project in and of itself. Planning, designing, producing content, and launching took 6 months, and that new site was good for years. Now, getting a responsive website online is absolutely critical, but it is just the starting line, not the finish line. SEO and SEM are now too important for B2B executives not to understand and invest in. In research published by Accenture in 2015 of B2B buyers with budgets of $100,000 or more to spend, a whopping 83% of buyers use supplier websites for online research. That statistic is only getting higher each year – if you cannot be found online through search of prospect-driven keywords then you are missing huge opportunities.

The only way that happens is with a focused and tactical search strategy that is measurable and generates leads. Simply launching a new website doesn’t accomplish that goal. Today, it requires regularly developing content, monitoring key search terms that prospects are using, and generating relevant and useful content to drive the right kind of traffic to your site. Once those prospects are on your site, it is important to not only give them the right content and inform them, but also provide calls-to-action that lead them to engage with you and become a viable lead. This is where the inbound marketing engine comes in.

So if you are responsible for a new website for your B2B company, shift your focus towards a solution that will address the real problem that your executive team is interested in solving: generating more leads with a strategic approach.

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Support Your Website with Metrics that Matter 

You’ll learn important ways to measure things like:

  • What is the total average cost your company spends to acquire a new customer?
  • Why is the LTV of a customer really important?
  • Other key numbers you should be measuring in your organization

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