King Chapman

Update Established Consulting Firm’s Brand Identity and Re-Introduce New Company to Target Market

For more than thirty years, KingChapman (formerly King, Chapman & Broussard Consulting Group) has been equipping business leaders to create a culture of high performers. A Houston-based business growth consulting firm, KingChapman focuses on advising clients in the areas of strategic growth, organizing and innovating for high reliability in organizations, and leading breakthrough projects.


After launching the original firm in 1983, evolving quite a bit over three decades, and replacing two of the three founding partners with new talent, it became time for King, Chapman & Broussard to re-invent itself, its brand, and its marketing strategy.

The name of the firm and existing brand identity had become outdated. In addition, the old methods and strategies used to get new clients needed to be supplemented with a strategy matching current technology and behavior.


The new partners turned to Neos Marketing. To begin, a new firm name was created, KingChapman, that reflected the heritage of the firm but was more succinct and allowed for re-branding. Then the Neos team worked closely with the partners to develop a new brand identity that could reinforce the company’s core mission of growth and transformation through leadership. The combination of the butterfly and tangrams – or puzzles forming different shapes from the same pieces – served as a perfect foundation and metaphor. Next, we had to create a new set of messaging and content on a completely redesigned website to reposition KingChapman as experts in their field, both to
optimize organic search online, as well as to educate and inform current prospects. Lastly, a marketing plan and platform on which to execute the plan had to be built that would integrate our activities and allow the partners and Neos to measure the effectiveness and do more of what

The Result

In 90 days we re-branded the firm, launched the new website and implemented the new content strategy. Over the course of the first year of working together, website traffic through organic search and direct traffic began to average over 200 trackable visits per month. In addition, KingChapman acquired over 20 new contacts in their sales funnel and their blog became a powerful resource to send prospects. We began branded email campaigns that kept the firm in the minds of decision-makers and also drew them to the newly designed website. In addition, five different white papers were developed that further reinforced their
expertise and became useful tools in their sales process. All of this was developed and captured in a state of the art, integrated marketing platform that allowed for scalability and measurement of ROI. In addition, there have been 10 new people added to their contact list, building their sales pipeline in ways not previously accomplished.

“While our firm built a solid reputation over three decades, our brand and our marketing processes needed to be upgraded if we were going to survive and thrive. Taking our own advice, we brought in some experts in this particular area and it has transformed not only our marketing, but the way our firm is perceived by everyone we come in contact with. Furthermore, the Neos team has been a vital strategic resource to hold us accountable to the plan and help us reach our growth goals. They’ve been great partners.”

Bob Chapman
Founder and Partner, KingChapman

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