Cinco Energy Management Group

Improve Cinco website traffic exponentially, generate new warm contacts into sales funnel

Cinco Energy Management Group provides companies across the globe with land acquisition and management services, resources, and insights. Cinco specializes in land matters related to the upstream and midstream segments of the oil & gas industry, and are the preferred provider for many domestic E&P companies, federal and state agencies, private equity firms, banks, law firms and international clients with operations or investments in US assets.


When Cinco came to Neos Marketing early in 2017, they were about to launch a new website. Director of Commercial Affairs, Camille Nichols felt confident that the new responsive web design conveyed the right messaging and positioned Cinco properly in their market. She was, however, not sure how she could best get it in front of the right people and draw decision makers in their target market to their website to begin a conversation.


With the strategic advice of Neos Marketing, Cinco decided to begin an inbound and outbound marketing strategy. By starting small but in a very focused way, we were able to build a foundation on which Cinco could develop and grow their marketing platform as they evolved. By partnering with Neos to help create content, optimize the content on their website and new blog, and identify keyword search terms that were important to their target personas, we were able to build steady increases in traffic to the new site and capture traffic and new leads in the CRM. In addition, by introducing branded outbound email campaigns, as well as very targeted social media sharing and republishing, Cinco was able to push the right messages straight in front of the eyes of key target customers.

The Result

The results have been a substantial 300% + increase in traffic and visibility of the website from May 2017 to December 2017 (See chart above). The increases have been across the board, primarily including sources from direct traffic, social media, and email campaigns. In addition, there have been 10 new people added to their contact list, building their sales pipeline in ways not previously accomplished.

“Going into 2017, I knew as a firm that we needed to modernize our marketing strategy. I felt confident about our messaging and new website but also knew we needed help creating content, setting strategy, and drawing people to our website that would give us more opportunities to close new business. Neos Marketing helped us construct a marketing platform, using HubSpot as the foundation, that would allow us to start small and scale to match our resources. They have been a valuable marketing partner”

L. Camille Nichols
Director of Commercial Affairs, Cinco Energy Management Group

King Chapman