Marketing Strategy

A successful strategic marketing planning process is key.

These days it takes a lot to be a successful marketer. What worked in marketing and sales just a few years ago has changed significantly. So, having a well-defined marketing planning process in place that is based on a well thought out strategic plan is essential for success.

In most organizations a marketing plan is one of those things that everyone expects to exist, but few people know how to create. Since few people know what’s involved in the creation of a good plan, they just expect the marketing department to not only know how it’s done, but to already have it completed.

A strategy-based marketing plan does not create itself, nor is it the kind of document that can be accomplished by just a few people in the company. It is a process that calls for the involvement of upper level management to provide needed strategic guidance and requires knowledgeable middle management and marketing staff to development an achievable plan for marketing success.

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