Branding & Identity

Steer away from the herd for better branding.

The term ‘Brand’ is tossed about so much that it has lost it’s core meaning. But in the context of identity it has a very specific meaning. Brand Identity is how your customer perceives and experiences your business offering through our human senses. The emotions you hope to engage with your promise are affected through visual communication. Most likely, your brand will be seen before experienced.

In the B2B world, visual engagement is often the beginning of the experience. If one comes across the name of your business in content, or if a peer refers or recommends a potential customer to your company, odds are they will go to your website to check you out and develop an impression from there.

The best way to manage that process is with a Brand Identity System. The basic elements include a set of well-prepared guidelines that anticipate all of the expected encounters with your Brand Identity. It is a system, containing multiple elements, that allows your communications to speak in one consistent voice. Visual distinction is an important tool in this management process. It should incorporate much more than what your logo looks like.

If your brand needs refreshing, or if you are developing one from scratch, consult Neos for an evaluation today.

Should you have a Brand Identity System?

The answer is determined by the complexity of application and the priority you assign to the importance of managing your brand identity. The use of a system strengthens your brand and supports your commitment to your brand promise.

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